“Real Estate negotiations work best with knowledge and experience on your side of the table,” Tracey Wrubleski Meeks, co-owner of RE/MAX Desert Properties and an award-winning real estate veteran for nearly 30 years.

Our bestselling strategies can be expressed simply:

Experience – From the moment you call 760.203.1133, you’ll get an agent who knows the market, your neighborhood and very often, your home. From our long-term commitment to the Coachella Valley, our team of experts is prepared to jump right into a positive conversation about our results-driven practices that will mean a shorter time for your home to be on the market and more dollars in your pocket when it sells.

Presentation – Quality at every step speaks volumes. Ensuring that not only every Buyer with an interest in your type of home sees it, but when they do, your property shows itself in the best possible light. Photographs, printed materials, advertising, internet marketing, open houses and more. We go the extra mile and it truly pays off in the end.

Negotiations – This is the behind the scenes part where we really earn our Sellers respect. We know we’ve done our job right when we hear, “You make it look so easy.” The truth of the matter is that we know our business and we handle many things up front, so a small speed bump never becomes a mountain. Disclosures. Repairs. Tradesmen. Paperwork. Escrow and Title companies. Deadlines. HOAs. Land Leases. The intricate knowledge of how the more difficult pieces fit together is exactly where we earn our commission. It’s these sorts of fine details where we prove ourselves superior to other agents.

Communication – We’re proactive. Expect a call from us in a timely scheduled manner. We share reviews of the home and validate the conversation with statistics-driven from showings, market evaluations, online page views and our own natural calculus. These intelligent conversations about the strategy and results of the sales process will make you feel as if you’re part of a team of experts, which of course, you are.

“Our achievements are your rewards. We put forth the dual efforts of old school know how and new century technology,” Eric G. Meeks, co-owner and Broker of RE/MAX Desert Properties. “The results make for happy clients again and again.”